The City of Midlothian offers these maps, in PDF format to meet the needs of our citizens, visitors and developers. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

Most Requested Maps Description
Water Utility Map Municipal water lines throughout the City
Sewer Utility Map Municipal sewer lines throughout the City
Annexation History Map The City's annexation history from 1980 to the present.
City Limit and ETJ Map The current City limits and its extraterritorial jurisdiction.
Committed Density Map This map shows density throughout the City.
Comprehensive Plan Maps This link provides you to the most up-to-date maps relating to Future Land Use, Future Thoroughfares, Future Parks and Trails
GPS Monumentation Map Location of all GPS monumentations throughout the City.
Pipeline & Gas Well Location Map Location of pipe and gas wells within the City.
School District & Emergency Services District Map  Current boundary of the school district and ESD #2.
Subdivision / Neighborhood Map Location of all the subdivisions with the City.
Surface / Drainage Map Projected drainage flow throughout the City. Please contact Engineering for more information.
Zoning Map Current zoning districts throughout the City.

Web Maps 

Planning Cases                                                Basemap

Google Earth Files
The following maps require the free Google Earth software available at
Once installed, click on any of these files and it will be inserted directly into Google Earth.

City Boundary ETJ (updated July 2018)
Zoning Districts (updated July 2018)
Subdivisions (updated July 2018)
Parcels (via Ellis CAD)
Future Land Use (per approved Comprehensive Plan)

Notes: If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) as your web browser, IE may change the file extension to .zip. Select the "Open" option and a new window will appear with an unzipped KML file. Open the KML file from the new window. Other web browsers (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari) save the file in its correct format and offer the opportunity to open the .kml file using Google Earth.

If you wish to look at a map not available through our website, please contact:
Gemeral Berry 
GIS Specialist


The City of Midlothian created these maps and the information contained within them exclusively for its use. Any use or reliance on this map by anyone else is at the party's own risk and without liability to the City of Midlothian, its officials, or its employees for any discrepancies, errors, or variances that may exist.

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