Board and Commission Application

Required Qualifications

  • Be a resident of the city for at least six months prior to date of appointment (if residency is required and length is not specified)
  • Be a qualified voter at the time of the appointment
  • Have no criminal record that is considered by the City Council to be so serious that it serves as a disqualification (i.e. felony conviction)
  • Not be an adversary party to pending litigation or claim against the city (except for eminent domain proceedings)
  • Not be an employee or a business associate of either an adversary party or a representative of an adversary party
  • Not in arrears on city taxes, water service charges or other obligations owed to the city
  • Have a creditable record of attendance and performance in any previous board service
Appointments are made once a year in December with terms beginning January 1st.


Online Application Form

PDF Application Form