Staycation Instead of Vacation

Why Staycation?

  1. You will save fuel by not driving a long distance or flying.
  2. You will save money sleeping at home instead of a hotel.
  3. You will eat healthier. Studies show that most people do not follow healthy eating habits while on vacation.
  4. You will boost your local economy by spending some of your vacation funds in your hometown.
  5. You will increase your time for activities by shortening or deleting travel time.

Top 10 Staycation Ideas

  1. Be a local tourist. Visit area parks, museums, zoo's, water parks, theme parks or historical sites. Click here for a list of area attractions.
  2. Camp in your own back yard
  3. Visit a nearby lake or river for a day of fun on the water.
  4. Find a local hike or bike trail and get moving.
  5. Spend some time at your local bowling alley, skating rink, movie theatre or miniature golf course.
  6. Turn your home into a day spa
  7. Take tennis or golf lessons.
  8. Enjoy a scenic train ride.
  9. Lounge around your back yard pool with a stack of library books or magazines.
  10. Join together with other parents and have a week long day camp for the kids. Each parent will take a turn hosting the camp with planned activities for each day.