Solicitor Permit Information

Restrictions and Requirements

The City of Midlothian Police Department’s goal is to ensure the safety and privacy of its residents and provide a reasonable limit to the hours of solicitation.  In February 2013, Council adopted a solicitor’s ordinance regarding those persons wishing to solicit door to door, distribute handbills or flyers and sell food by mobile food units.  

All solicitors, distributors of handbills and mobile vendors are required to have a valid solicitor permit when conducting business in Midlothian.

Solicitor Permits are NOT required for persons distributing literature door to door for religious organizations, political speech or campaigning, charitable purposes, civic groups, local school fundraisers, Girl or Boy Scout fund raisers, or where there is a regular business, trade service or other contractual relationship with the occupant of the residence.

Applying for Permits

Application for solicitor permit may be made at the Community Services Department located at 1150 N Hwy 67, Suite 100- Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Solicitor applications include a background check and a non-refundable deposit to process the application in addition to the actual permit fee(s).

Door-to-Door Solicitor 


Solicitor Requirements Effective February 22, 2013

Ordinance 2013-03 - Solicitor Permits

Solicitor Permit Application

Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile Food Vendor Requirements

Solicitor Permit Application for Mobile Food Vendors

Food Establishment Application

General Information


  • It may take up to 10 business days to issue solicitor permits
  • If denied a permit, the applicant has the right of appeal
  • Hours permissible to solicit (going door to door or Mobile Food Vending) are 9:00 a.m. to dusk Monday through Saturday; Sunday and federally regulated holidays are prohibited
  • Solicitors may only approach the front door of a residence
  • Each person soliciting is required to have a permit
  • Permit fees may be waived for organizations that hold a current, valid 501.c.3.
  • Additional permits, fees and inspection requirements of the mobile food unit apply to Mobile Food Vendors. Mobile Food Vendors should contact the City of Midlothian Health Department at 972-772-7614 for more information.
  • Soliciting without an approved permit is not allowed.

Respecting Citizens' Privacy

If a property is posted with a sign stating no soliciting or no distribution of handbills, the solicitor or vendor is not allowed to go onto the property.

For a additional information or to report a person soliciting without a permit, please call Code Enforcement at  972-775-7614  or 972-775-3333 (non-emergency number) or 911.