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Midlothian Amateur Baseball Association

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New Midlothian Basketball League

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President: Adam Ross
President: Riley Plante
Vice President: Matthew Copeland
Vice President: Allen Moorman
Rain Out Phone: (972) 474-3005


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Midlothian Girls Softball Association

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Midlothian Youth Football League
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President: Daniel Moore
President: Ricky Yarbrough
Vice President: Mackenzie Bragg
Vice President:  Darci Woodruff
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Midlothian Youth Football Cheer


Midlothian Soccer Association



Midlothian Tennis Association MTA Tennis Logo 2020
President: Kory Beck
President: Christy McNamara
AD Chairman: Cecil Woods 
Vice President: Kristi Robinson

Premier FC

President: Bradley Durbin

Vice President: Gina Durbin



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 Perry Weather Lightning Warning System

Perry Weather Lightning Warning System logoA Perry Weather Lightning Warning System is installed at Hawkins Spring Park, Midlothian Sports Complex, Jaycee Park, Civic Center Park, Kimmel Park, Mountain Peak Park, and Midlothian Community Park. The system monitors the atmosphere's electrostatic energy as far away as 15 miles and evaluates the potential for lightning within a 10- mile radius. If an alert sounds all outdoor activities must cease and players and visitors should follow instructions broadcast on the public address system. Information signs are posted at the concession stands near the entrance to the restrooms at each park.