Alcohol Permit Information

Process and Procedures

The City Secretary provides certification on all TABC pre-qualification packets at no charge.
TABC Off-Premise Pre-Qualification Packet
TABC On-Premise Pre-Qualification Packet
A City issued Alcoholic Beverage Permit is required upon issuance of a TABC permit. Please purchase your City permit no later than 30 days after the issuance of the TABC permit.

Permit Types and Fees:

BQ (Beer and Wine Off Premise) - Fee is equal to one-half the TABC permit fee and has a two-year term that matches the TABC permit. The current two-year City fee is $60.

RM (Mixed Beverages) - Fee for the initial permit is $60 for two-years. The first and second renewal are also $60 for two-years. At the third renewal and for all future renewals, the cost is equal to one-half the TABC permit fee. The current third renewal two-year City fee is $750.

All City issued permits will expire the same date as the TABC permit.

Alcoholic Beverage Permit Application

Alcohol Sales Information

For more information on the sale of alcohol in the City please refer to the:

Alcohol Sales Brochure (PDF)