Board Member Training

Office of the Attorney General Training

All Board members are required to complete Open Meetings Act training and the Public Information Act training is recommended.

Open Meetings Act Training Video & Certificate

 Public Information Act Training Video & Certificate

City Led Board Training Session

All board and commission members are required to participate in a board training session either held live or by video.  The training is conducted by Joe Gorfida, City Attorney.  Please watch the video and then submit a Board Training Questionnaire to receive credit.

Board Training Questionnaire

  1. The following quiz is taken from the board training video, and you must respond in order to receive credit for the required training.

  2. Board/Commission members have the authority to direct city staff to perform tasks.*
  3. Failure to file an affidavit disclosing substantial interest and abstain from deliberation and voting is a Class A Misdemeanor. *
  4. A motion to table indefinitely can kill a motion. *
  5. Two Board/Commission members may place an item on an upcoming agenda. *
  6. Social media posts, emails and text messages are subject to the Public Information Act if Board/Commission business is discussed. *
  7. A quorum of members meeting for dinner prior to a posted meeting and discussing items on the agenda is not a violation of the Open Meetings Act.*
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