Midlothian Community Development Corporation


The Midlothian Community Development Corporation is a non-profit organization that is charged with administration of local sales tax to fund the maintenance and operating costs of projects that positively affect the quality of life for citizens. Such projects include parks, roads, auditoriums, learning centers, athletic and exhibition facilities, open space and other related improvements. 


The Corporation is composed of seven members who serve two-year terms. City residency is required for membership. Appointments are made in December.

 MembersInitial Appointment  Current Term Expiration
 Alyn Nix, President 12/11/2018 January 2025
 Jan Davis, Vice President 12/10/2019 January 2024
 TJ Henley, Treasurer03/12/2019 January 2025
 Kissy Day12/13/2022 January 2024
Candice Millsap 12/14/2021 January 2025
 Allen Moorman07/28/2020January 2025 
David Hurst12/12/2022 January 2024



Meetings are the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall.


The City Council's policy is to limit membership to one board/commission at a time in order to provide an opportunity for service and involvement to as many citizens as possible. Training is available to all new appointees.

For more information, contact the City Secretary at (972) 775-3481 or download the Board/Commission Application