Historic Advisory Board


The Historic Advisory Board considers all issues involving historic preservation in the city and makes recommendations to the Council.


The voting Board is composed of seven members serving two-year terms. A minimum five-year residency is required for membership.  A five-member non-voting subcommittee assists in project development and implementation. Subcommittee members have a five-year residency requirement and attend all Board meetings. Appointments are made in December.

 Voting Members Initial Appointment  Current Term Expiration
 Judith Howard 11/27/2001 (voting) January 2024
 Karen Esberger 05/12/1998 (voting) January 2024
 Christina Chambers 06/12/2012 (voting)
01/26/2010 (non-voting)
 January 2024
 Melissa Pegram 12/11/2018 (voting)
02/12/2013 (non-voting)
 January 2024
 January 2025
 Billie Hutson 12/11/2018 (voting)
01/25/2011 (non-voting)
 January 2025
 John Holveck 07/24/2001 (voting) January 2025

Non-Voting Members Initial Appointment Current Term Expiration
 Jimmie Mitchell12/11/2018  January 2025
 Deborah Keyes 12/11/2018 January 2025
 Leigh Fields 12/06/2016 January 2024
 Jamie Wickliffe12/12/2023 January 2026
 Vacant  January 2025


The Board meets quarterly (February, May, August & November), on the third Thursday of the month at 5:00 pm in City Hall.

Agendas and Minutes

All Historic Advisory Board items in the archive are in pdf format.

Most recent agenda | All archived agendas

Most recent minutes | All archived minutes


The City Council's policy is to limit membership to one board/commission at a time in order to provide an opportunity for service and involvement to as many citizens as possible. Training is available to all new appointees.  

For more information, contact the City Secretary at (972) 775-3481 or complete the Board/Commission Application