• Fire Department Honor Guard
  • Zach Newsome family
  • Sandra and Randall Hill
  • Ruby and Ricky Miller
  • Roy and James Snow
  • Roger and Deborah Keyes
  • Robert and Jeannie Bell
  • Rickey Wilson
  • Reverend Bill and Mary Curry
  • Ray La Frombois
  • Phil and Jackie Martinez_Darren Maestas
  • Pearl and Bill Vennell
  • Mrs. and Mrs. David Martin and Ed and Debbie Booth
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pritchett
  • Merle Burton
  • Mayor and Mrs. Bill Houston
  • Maurice and Delia Finsterwald
  • Marlow Erdman
  • Kenneth Branscome
  • Jimmie and Doug Clark
  • Jenny and Todd Meyer
  • Janet Beesley and Roger Keyes
  • Hoang and Bob Reynolds
  • Ed and Debbie Boothe
  • Don and Cheryl Allison
  • Dennis Crowdis
  • Deb and Chris Naggi
  • Ann and Robert Sisco
  • FFA Servers
  • Military branch flags

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